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Honesty - Excellence - Respect

About Me

Driving significant sales growth and elevating customer service as the lady in the red high heels.

Creative, visionary leader who is passionate about encouraging teams to focus on the female perspective in male-dominated industries to increase revenues, drive inclusivity, and optimize the customer experience.

Consultative marketing strategist adept at communicating with employees and C-suite executives to deliver plans that work. Influential professional with a dynamic background who has test driven over 618 vehicles for automotive manufacturers.

Self-motivated speaker and coach with keen business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to helping companies, employees, and customers thrive.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Dealer Events
  • Keynote Speaking & Team Training
  • Innovative Thinking & Leadership
  • Event Planning & Campaigns
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Consulting
  • Startups & Operations Overhauls
  • Cross-functional Collaboration
  • Change Management
  • Social Media & Digital Strategy
  • Creator of Opportunities
  • Strategic Planning & Foresight
  • Team Building & Coaching
  • Branding Strategy & Guidance
  • Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity
Diamond Steel

Professional Experience

2014 – Present

Owner | Business Development Executive | Female Inclusion Specialist

Her Certified

Consult with companies primarily in the automotive industry and utilize the H.E.R. certification program based on a self-written book focused on educating teams in the automotive industry on what women want in an auto buying experience. Facilitate all activities from initial meeting and dealership assessment through training, data analytics reporting, and follow up. Overhaul the customer experience for women to build more inclusive, welcoming environments and deliver unprecedented growth for the target audience to help organizations reach new performance levels.

▪Increased sales to women by 20%, which equated to an average of 5 more sales per month for certified dealerships

▪Created an in-dealership studio display to target women and foster trust, which resulted in a 20% sales increase

▪Delivered presentations both on-site and online to determine eligibility for H.E.R. Certification for Fortune 100 brands

▪Certified various dealerships that are owned by Berkshire Hathaway and generate multi-million-dollar sales metrics

▪Drove cultural shifts that led to more female hires at the dealerships and a shift in attitudes across the workforce

▪Improved CSI scores by 30% at every dealership by championing changes about what women want

▪Provided integral content, including licensed material titled “How to Have Women Buy from You?”

Diamond Steel

2019 – Present


The Women 360

Lead an organization to assist women in making professional connections, participate in learning opportunities, and prepare to reinvent themselves in the workplace. Plan high impact events, organize bi-monthly classes, secure speakers, and remain active on social media to establish an engaged community of new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

▪Started the group with a Facebook private membership and secured 3,000 members in 11 months

▪Organized the first event with 300 attendees at a helicopter hangar with high-profile keynote speakers

▪Selected a nonprofit organization to receive a percentage of the revenues generated at each event

▪Attracted businesses sponsors who understood that women are both decision makers and a key target audience

▪Designed and launched mastermind classes, videos, lunch and learns, and virtual happy hour networking sessions

▪Created “Heels, Horsepower, and HERoes” fundraising events at auto dealerships and auto-related businesses, and leveraged The Women 360 network to drive attendance and awareness

1999 –


President | Founder

Two for the Road LLC.

Launched and led a marketing agency to drive sales and customer service delivery. Directed all operational functions, including client relationship management, strategic planning, and multi-channel campaign development. Innovated and implemented creative marketing plans and initiatives to optimize brand awareness, boost engagement, and inspire consumers to take action.

▪Built a diverse clientele that spanned the automotive, restaurant, professional sports, and nonprofit industries

▪Wrote and produced over 200 TV commercials, as well as radio, print, digital, and social media content

▪Created the first full-service Hispanic Department within a dealer group for Nissan, increasing Latino purchases by 25%

▪Secured a dealership pointe from a manufacturer, which was valued at millions of dollars for the client

▪Established “Fast Lane Car Buying” to expedite auto sales from 6 hours to 1.5 hours, enhancing speed and service

▪Directed advertising, marketing, event planning, and media for a six-dealership group owed by Berkshire Hathaway

▪Rebranded one company with new tag lines, engaging videos, and an overhauled website to increase competitiveness, which resulted in top line growth and eventual sale to Rubbermaid, a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company

Recent Partnerships

Driven women Event - Porsche North Scottsdale

Working with auto dealers and manufacturers on joint events to entertain, inform and give back to the community.

Social Media & Community Reach

Across all brands including The Women 360, Her Certified, and Cathy Droz



2,288 Members

1,090 Mailing List

24,134 Social Media Followers

95% Women

5% Men


6% = 25-34

22% = 35-44

33% = 45-54

27% = 55-64

12% = 65+

Group Demographics

25% Entrepreneurs

50% Employed/Independent Contractors/freelance

15% Part Time Online Employment/ Volunteers

10% Retired and attend Community Events

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Telling the story of your business, non-profit or personal marketing through branding.


Helping career men and women and small business owners with networking, public speaking, and finding new clients.

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Board Placement

Act as a consultant on established boards or start-ups.

Current & Previous

Community Leadership & Involvement

NY Auto Museum ▪ Consultant/Board of Advisors ▪ non-profit

  • Customer experience and museum guidelines
  • Automotive OEM Partnerships - Historical Exhibits
  • Liaison to the New York Board of Education

Silent WITNESS ▪ President ▪non-profit

  • Selected as first woman president in the 36-year history to support Arizona police department initiatives
  • Developed creative marketing plans to raise funds for anonymous tips
  • Led an 85% male board to establish fundraising and perform as a for-profit business
  • Increased funds by over 35% through strategic public relations plans, celebrity golf tournaments, and events

Phoenix Automotive Press ASSOCIATION ▪ President ▪ non-profit

  • Organized and led monthly meetings with industry guest speakers to educate and inform the AZ auto journalists
  • Lobbied manufacturer OEMs effectively to increase fleet sizes and boost advertising dollars
  • Established a website, a blog, and non-profit status, and worked persistently to bring more women on the board

Hughes Performance Racing EQUIPMENT ▪ Board of Directors

  • Organized and attended quarterly meetings to scale and balance online orders with a focus on cost control
  • Spearheaded marketing activities and strategic planning for a family-owned business to preserve their legacy

Arizona Foundation for WOMEN ▪ Mentor, SHELEADS ▪ non-profit

  • Collaborate with other female community leaders to mentor and guide vetted women seeking professional guidance
  • Worked with individuals at a national organization through in-person and online communication
  • Increased production by 10% during 2020 and grew new sales by 15%

Notable Achievements & Awards

Author ▪ “A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car with Confidence and Street Smarts… Don’t Let These High Heels Fool You”

“How to Buy a car in your Pajamas… From Dealer to Driveway”

Worldwide Who’s Who ▪ Executive Entrepreneur Lifetime Member

National Bank of Arizona & The Phoenix Suns ▪ Amazing Woman Award ▪ 2016

Phoenix Business Journal ▪ Outstanding Woman in Business ▪ 2017

HER Certified Program

HER Certified is a comprehensive certification program designed exclusively to help you and your staff better serve female buyers.

The multi-faceted employee training is designed to ensure the dealership not only meets, but exceeds a woman’s expectations when buying or servicing a car, and is dedicated to the HER commitment of Honesty, Excellence and Respect. Understanding why women buy or don’t buy from your dealership or sales team can be a game-changer for your dealership.

The HER certification is also applied to other luxury item businesses and services wanting to assure women of their dedication to serving women properly in industries such as motor homes, motor yachts and marinas, private aviation, and financial services.

Camelback Toyota

Porsche North Scottsdale

Learn More HERE


"Porsche came to me and asked me to host an event themed Driven Women. I couldn’t think of a better partnership than to involve the ladies of Woman 360. The occasion for 200 was filled in 48 hours. I’ve hosted many events over the last 20 years at Porsche North Scottsdale, and our Driven Women event exceeded all my expectations. Cathy Droz and Nancy Meek know what women want."

Dave Zoloto

General Manager

Porsche North Scottsdale

“ Consult with her and you will know why her title is Creator of Opportunities!”

Jac Arbour

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Chartered Financial Consultant®, founder and CEO of J.M. Arbour

"Her Certified Sales Training hits the sweet spot for educating auto sales people."

Tom Hopkins

International sales trainer

“Having a counsultant like Cathy Droz put my Infiniti store on the map.”

Henry Rivera

General Manager at Coulter INFINITI

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